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There is something beautiful about the after-salon hair. No frizz and full of volume looks perfect but maintain it after the salon visit is another story.

Your hair also needs intensive care as the environmental aggressors such as the sun and pollutions in this region damage the texture of your hair. Not only this, styling your hair like blow drying, straightening and coloring. This compromises the health of the hair causing weakness, split-ends and increased breakage.

Just like how our skin needs efficient moisturization, our scalp is also a form of skin which needs it too. The barrier function of the scalp should be improved too.

You do not have to wait for a good hair day, you can have a good hair month. Presenting to you, the new generation of hair care heroes.

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Boost Scalp Treatment

It supercharges your scalp for fuller and stronger locks. It targets scalp ageing, hair thinning and loss. It is a 3 minute scalp treatment that boosts volume at the roots.

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Grow Volume Shampoo & Conditioner

Reactivates the scalp and purifies your hair leaving it soft and smooth, not only this, it also enhances volume and restores moisture.

The conditioner coats hair fiber in a hydrophobic film, smooths, detangles and strengthens hair locks for a sleek look. Along with this, it helps in reducing breakage.


Gloss & Vibrancy Shampoo & Conditioner

The shampoo gently cleanses the hair while protecting the hair. It also boosts volume and enhances the shine.

The conditioner nourishes and strengthens the hair. It calms the scalp, prevent dry ends and detangles the hair. It also enhances the gloss.

It is recommended for normal hair type.


Feed Repair Mask

All your hair dreams come true with this exceptional oil blend and fungi-based deep restructure mask that nurtures, prevents fiber damage and preserves colour for silky smooth high-shine hair. Strengthens the lipid matrix and improves protection against mechanical damage and heat appliances.


Pure Shampoo & Essential Conditioner

This revolutionary Pure Shampoo offers a rich luscious lather that gently eliminates harsh chemicals and soothes troubled scalp.
The Essential Conditioner repairs & rebuilds weakened, moisture deprived locks by pampering the hair strands with Marula Oil.


A Walk in the Sun – Luxury Hair Oil

Radiant & Uplifting Hair Oil- A light elixir packed with oils like rosehip, avocado and jojoba that calms the frizz and nourishes each and every stand of the hair.
Can be used as a quickfix, a detangler and a frizz treatment.


Rainforest Mist Flawless Finish Hairspray

Magic in a mist- Perfect for everyday styling that offers a light to medium hold that leaves the hair soft, shiny without leaving it stiff and sticky.
Also, helps in reducing appearance of flyaways and frizz.