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Mask Addict

Masks are a great way to treat your skin with any concerns that you may have. Dry skin? Sensitive Skin? Oily Skin? Combination Skin? It doesn’t matter. We’ve got all of you in mind. With a range of sheet masks, clay masks and mud masks we’re ready to pamper you for a home spa.
If you do not fancy sheet masks, then be ready to swiftly change your opinion about them.

They are drenched in oh so goodness that you feel refreshed and ready to give your day a head start in the morning or sleep like a baby at night.

Clay masks have a soft texture and when applied to the skin, you can feel the richness of the ingredients kissing your skin, making it soft and supple.

Mud masks on the other hand consists of ground earth ingredients, cleansing and replenishing your skin like it was done in the olden days.

For all of you with a sensitive skin type, these products have been hand picked by our beauty team especially for you. 



Moringa Renewal Treatment Mask

The buzz word for skincare, Hyaluronic Acid gives intense hydration and amino acid helps to brighten and smooth the skin. It not only helps in hydration and radiance but evens out pigmentation and reduces redness from the skin.

pwe birds nest mask


Bird’s Nest Mask

A silky soft sheet mask that contains Bird’s Nest Extract (Swiftlet Nest Extract) helping the skin smooth and soft. It also contains Hyaluronic acid, helping the skin retain moisture and providing your skin with intense hydration.

peel brightening aha mask


Brightening AHA Peel Mask

As popular as it is, urban living can definitely take a toll on your skin because of the constant exposure to environmental stressors and pollutants. This luxurious mask consists of Elder Tree Extract that improves the tone of your skin. The extract of elder tree has an antiseptic, skin tightening, soothing and inflammation reducing effects. It exfoliates to stimulate cell turnover and stimulate regeneration.

peel brightening aha mask
Recovery mask


Recovery Solution 2 Step Mask

Recovery Solution 2 Step Mask has a boosting drop ampoule that contains Adansonia Digitata Fruit Extract, which provides abundant nutrient and forms a protective water barrier over the skin by preventing evaporation. It also has a repair silk sheet mask contains β-Glucan, which is effective in skin cell regeneration.

(Step1)  Recovery Boosting Drop Ampoule protects skin barrier.

(Step2) Repair Silk Sheet Mask rejuvenates and revitalizes skin.

Radiant Glow Mask


Radiant Glow Mask

This is a rich exfoliating face mask for nourished and silky soft skin. The blend of raw cacao and clay revitalizes and purifies the skin. Natural sugars in the mask gives it a creamy milk texture on contact with water. Gently buffs away dead skin cells and promotes cell repair.

Radiant Glow Mask
Squalane Mask


Squalane Silk Mask

This should be your go-to mask if you want excessive moisture supply for a healthy and radiant complexion. It contains squalane which is the buzz word for having a moisturizing effect. The silk mask sheet helps it to adhere to the curves of the face and help the essence to be full absorbed.