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Your happiness matters

Dear Skin Pro Lab Splurger,

We are so happy to provide you with this opportunity of winning AED 1000 worth of products.

Our COVID-19 struck lives have not only made our lives difficult but our finances too. We all are suffering with the Face Masks that cause skin irritation and sensitivity. We are here to help one lucky member of our SPL Gang to achieve a better skin with our whole beauty routine set.
But wait how do you become a member? Just subscribe to our Newsletter and voila you’re a part of our Gang.

Usually us Beauty Junkies spend an ample amount of time and money on our beauty routine products but COVID-19 has ripped all of us apart from spending more and more.
To win these products, you have to notify us with the difficulties you are facing due to COVID-19; these may include pay cuts, financial constraints and disability to pay utilities.
You may email us at info@skinprolab.com by sending us your details:
Name, Age, Gender, Skin Type and your Financial Difficulty (backed up with proof).

We will try our best to provide you with a routine care products that are worth 1000 AED along with access to the Samples of our Pre-Launched Brands.


Lots of Love & Care,